I am so glad you enjoyed the clips of my son’s recent singing competitions. I was hoping it would make you feel proud of yourself and remind you how instrumental you were to his long-term success! Every time I think of that video clip that you made when he was 2 and he uttered his first set of words, “I WANT MUSIC” and has the keyboard and bells on his shoes…. I get chills because little did we know we were witnessing a miracle!!! His first full sentence….and how amazingly insightful he was.  Someday I will show the high school team that clip so they really grasp what music has meant to him from such a young age…but it makes my cry every time I watch it because I remember it like it was yesterday and yet he’s not like that anymore and has come so far so fast. 

He is a musical superstar in high school now….he sings/dances and competes all over the state and in NYC last month.  He was chosen as the Lead Solo in a special chamber choir (he sang it flawlessly in SPANISH!!)  as well as the lead solo in several concerts.  As always, he works tirelessly…but he has been rewarded greatly.

I will keep sending so you are reminded how critical the work that you do is….and that you remember that none of us knows what the future holds but that at any moment we might just partake in a miracle.

Hope you are well and life is good,

– Abby Smith

Dear Ann,

You have been a sunshine in our lives at one of the most difficult periods. Your knowledge, patience, tenacity and happiness has brightened our son Pierre and will permit him to face his future with confidence and success.

We have also learned from you how to help him in order to give him the necessary push to accomplish the rest of his missing skills.

We can never forget what you have done and say “Au Revoir,”

Yours Sincerely,

– Martin and Ann

Dear Ann,
Thank you for all your hard work and skills over the years! YOU got Michael to read. I know it has been a long road … and we admire you so much for hanging in there and for being his biggest advocate. We all love you, Ann! You have done so much for Michael and we are forever grateful!


– Whitney and John

Dear Ann,

– …whatever problems we encounter in dealing with the school are more balanced by your care, the way you reach out, your flexibility and fun, feisty self.

So we’re really very lucky.


– Tesi

You are directly responsible for saving somebody. As far as we are concerned, you saved Tommy. Life before Densmore must have been living hell –wanting to communicate, but being unable to, not understanding what people were saying, living day to day confused and unhappy. LOOK AT HIM NOW!!! WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! Your are an amazing speech and language therapist and a kind, caring, and wonderful person. God Bless for saving our son.

Terry and Tom Gorman (2002)

Thanks for all you have done all the years for our family and so many others…

A parent (2015)

Ann, Nat and I would like to thank your for all the great work you did with William. We’ve noticed a huge difference and received many compliments on his improved speech.

Carey and Nat Henniger (2014)

Ann immediately identified our son’s strengths and weaknesses and applied exercises and games that worked directly on his deficiencies. Ann established a nuturing and supportive relationship with our son. He discovered that his speech therapy was an enjoyable experience. Ann is dedicated and concerned for her student’s progress and health. She is a highly trained professional who combines knowledge, compassion, and commitment to produce wonderful results.

Mr. & Mrs. William O’Brien (1995)


My First Student

I like you very much. I have great respect for you. Why? Because you are understanding, willing to listen, to problems and help me solve them. You have helped me so much over the years. I’ve very thankful. I could never have made it through my school years without you.

Victoria (1966)

Thanks for the gift, but more important, thanks for YOUR friendship. You helped me a lot.

Tommy (2001)

Current Student

Remember when I used to sit under your table and I was stuck on the wheels of a front-loader? I’m so glad that we found out how to stop my times when I was so stuck on things. I wanted everything my way! Now I want you to meet my girlfriend. We are both students at MIT and happy and we can socialize!!! (laughter).

Anthony (2014)

Thank you Ann for all you did for me.
Love, your friend, Jimmy.
Go Bruins? (2014)


Ann is remarkable in her intuitive gifts and her ability to reach someone who is by genetic nature cut off, and for most people impossible to connect with.
But Ann gets into the mind of the autistic child and she helps that child get into the world the rest of us live in.
There is almost no feat of human interaction more difficult than the feat Ann makes available to us in this book. Connecting and communicating with a child who would rather not is difficult beyond most people’s understanding.

– Ned Hallowell, M.D. 2011

I can’t praise Ann enough for all her hard work and patience with children. It was amazing to see all her success stories but it was more enlightening to see her strategies and the way she keeps trying and trying. The way she handles the children is something we all need to think about. Every child has different approaches that worked there wasn’t one right way. It is important to get to know each child’s needs and work from there.

– WORKSHOP: “Preschool Language” by Ann Densmore

I’m writing to acknowledge your superb work at CTDS as well in private practice. I have worked with you for many years with children with complex psychiatric , neurologic and medical problems. Your capacity to diagnose and treat highly unusual children has been outstanding. You have over and over again provided expert care and attention at schools, in your office, and in medical settings, to language pathology consultations and treatment and I consider it a privilege to work with you in helping formulate and carry out multifaceted treatment plans.

Dr. Bruce Hauptman, MD. Pediatric Psychiatrist ( June 10, 2002)

I had the pleasure of working with Ann Densmore. She is a person that combines a caring, sensitive approach, with a high level of professional competence. Ann and I have co-treated children, worked together with small inclusionary groups, and have collaborated as part of a Special Needs Team. She has shared her knowledge, and expertise so that the language needs of the children can be met throughout their school day., and not just during individual sessions. Ann relates well to children, parents, and staff.

Margaret Carlman, Physical Therapist (1995)

Ann combines an expert knowledge in her field and an intuitive therapeutic grasp of young, disturbed children with the ability to make this knowledge clear to others and work with ‘unworkable’ kids. Ann has helped staff and kids better figure out where to go next and how to get there. She is a rare and much needed breath of fresh air and greatly appreciated.

Alan Shapiro, M.Ed. LCSW Program Director (May 31, 2002)

Teacher and Staff Trust

It is a pleasure to have Ann Densmore come into our classrooms on a regular basis but what a treat to hear and see all of her success stories and see how her strategies were different in every case. The biggest thing I took away from her was that you could never have enough patience and creativity. Caring enough to get to know a child’s needs and that you can always make a difference is such a great way to go through life.

– Susan, John and Jamie

Dr. Ann Densmore is a gifted speech and language clinician of young children with complex medical and educational disabilities. She gives all of herself professionally finding the child’s capacity to develop and change. As Ann embraces the whole child and the family, speech and language and communication is achieved. As a consultant to the Community Therapeutic Day School in Lexington, Mass. She holds my deepest respect.

– Nancy Fuller, LCSW Executive Director

Ann has followed many of my pediatric patients with a range of disorders. Dr. Densmore is a superb clinician who is able to work with these unique and challenging children, their families, and their teachers who frequently needs hands on guidance in techniques to help these children expand their knowledge of language and social interaction. She is comfortable in a variety of settings and sets up a program for each child depending on his own particular strengths and weaknesses. Her writing ability is superb and her reports are most interesting to read.

Dr. Barbara Katz, M.D, Pediatrician, MIT Medical Department (June 6, 2002)

Ann brings wonderful ideas and teaching strategies to all of us. She ahs presented formal teacher trainings and workshops for teachers. As a result of those trainings, we have been able to reflect on our practices more deeply and have been able to integrate many of Ann’s tried and true techniques in language and social learning.

Kathleen A. Linnane, Assistant Director, Infant Toddler Children’s Center (June 3, 2002)