Speech and Language Services at Preschools and Elementary Schools

“The integration of emotion and language creates relationships during play with peers. This is where the real work happens for young children.” Ann Densmore, Ed.D. CCC SLP/A copyright 2013


With over 35 years of experience as a speech and language pathologist, audiologist and play therapist, I specialize in working with very young toddlers/preschoolers/elementary students who have a developmental delay with speech production skills, with play and narrative formulation, with expressive or receptive language, writing and organizational skills or a delay in making social connections with peers.

Each child is an individual and needs special help with his own developmental delay and language issues. Some children can use language but are unable to play, while others have receptive language with little or no expressive speech. Some preschoolers simply have social language deficits, shyness, sensory needs or an inability to relate to others. Elementary students often need help with working memory skills, abstract reasoning, sequencing thoughts, retelling narratives, writing and literacy skills and organizational skills.

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